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Maria Walker

Barney Stein is an awesome realtor! Extremely knowledgeable, and has patience and kindness to deal with people. During the purchasing of the property, he had answers for all my pestering questions and overextended himself to help me. I could have not purchased this property with out his expertise, guidance and help. Thanks Barney.

Margo Davis
Margo Davis

Barney, I want to thank you for all of your help on both ends–getting me into this great house, and getting me out of the other one–no small project–actually almost miraculous! At least 8 lives have greatly benefited from your efforts. You really are a great professional.

Judith Epstein Fisher
Judith Epstein Fisher

Barney has been a total champ! He shepherded us through the process of understanding the Berkshire real estate market all the way to finding a house that is precisely what we were dreaming of. We couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend him!

Richard Rethemeyer and Louise Belcourt
Richard Rethemeyer and Louise Belcourt

We LOVED Barney… Working with him was like working with a friend that you have known for a long time. The whole process was natural, easy and completely trusting. We never ever felt pressured, we always had any question answered right away and he usually was 2 steps ahead of us with information. We were buying a house in an area we weren’t 100% familiar with and he helped us with every conceivable concern and coordinated a zillion details. We could not have had a better experience.

Charles Towers

Barney was a pleasure to work with. I know he represents buyers with much larger real estate budgets than mine, but I never felt like a second-class client. He was generous with his time and fully committed to finding the right home for me.

Oliver and Crystal Williams
Oliver and Crystal Williams

I didn’t feel like a client with Barney, I felt like a friend he was helping out. It really felt like he cared that we ended up in the perfect place.

Even when outside of his normal stomping grounds, he was resourceful and was able to get great information about neighborhoods and properties that we looked at. He was empathetic to our needs and was able to internalize them and picture himself living in the home, so when it wasn’t right, he was honest.

I highly recommend Barney’s services, full stop. He’ll be great if you are first-time buyers or seasoned pros, new to town or a life-long resident, looking for a home or looking to flip. He’s just good!

Ian Evans and Elizabeth Vogt
Ian Evans and Elizabeth Vogt

A wonderful experience working with Barney! My wife and I were new to the Berkshires and Barney was able to help us figure out both the area and the variety of housing options as well as give us a realistic view of pricing which was vital having come from a different part of the country! Now we  consider him a friend!

Josh and Anne Beardsley
Josh and Anne Beardsley

It was a real joy to work with Barney. Coming, as we did, from an urban environment, Barney was as critical as he was supportive in guiding and helping us narrow down and ultimately zero in on location, accommodation, style, size, surroundings that would meet our needs. Often described as a grueling process, we are grateful to be able to look back on our house-hunting experience with nothing but positive memories. So here we are, counting our blessings, settling into a home we adore. Thank you so much, Barney!

Allyn Burrows and Tamara Hickey
Allyn Burrows and Tamara Hickey

Barney was recommended to us by a friend and we were lucky to have him. We were moving from one part of the state to the other and knew very little about real estate in the area or even exactly what we were looking for. Three days after our initial chat on the phone, Barney had lined up almost a dozen places for us to look at, matching as best he could our criteria as it developed. He was patient, attentive, insightful and generous with his time. Within two weeks we were making an offer on the house we now own. As a bonus, Barney is a great guy to hang out with which makes the whole process that much more enjoyable. We highly recommend him!

Natalie Barbanel
Natalie Barbanel

Barney is incredibly knowledgeable and detail oriented. He remained on top of our deal from showing us properties to closing on the house of our dreams. He is professional, honest, friendly, flexible and family oriented. On one of our trips looking at lake properties he introduced us to Great Barrington Farmers Market which was written up in the NYT as a destination in Great Barington weeks later. My husband, daughters and I were hungry for brunch—how cool that our realtor brought us there! He got us right away.

Craig and Diane Thaler

We recommend Barney without hesitation. He listened to our needs and never pushed us into something that didn’t meet our criteria. Throughout the process Barney was patient and trustworthy, and advocated for our interest when negotiating with the seller. He made the entire house buying process painless and smooth. As an example, we first contacted him on a Saturday afternoon and said we were interested in buying a house in the Berkshires, and by Sunday morning he had several houses lined up for us to see! This same responsiveness was exhibited throughout the buying process.

Nan and Jim Leighton

Barney was infinitely patient and informative with his suggestions and insights. He listened always with great care to our needs and concerns and was able to zero in on our expectations with exceptional skill and humor. Barney is extremely knowledgable, caring, compassionate, savvy and supportive. He was tireless in showing us homes throughout the county during the busy summer season and we always felt as if we were his top priority. We give him our highest recommendation.

Ileana Kutler

Barney was terrific! He provided a lot of local knowledge and color which was a big help as we are not from the area. He was very patient with the fits and starts of our search, and we never felt that he was pushing us into something we didn’t want. We wound up finding a home that we really love and within our budget.

Olivia, Nick, Archie and Iris
Olivia, Nick, Archie and Iris

Thank you for everything you did to make an eventful house purchase as smooth as possible. It was so helpful to be able to draw on your experience and advice, and we still can’t quite believe it worked out! We so appreciate all your hard work. Hope to see you in the area over the coming weeks, months, and years!

Janice Robbins

Working with Barney was great. He totally understood what we were looking for, was incredibly patient with us as we saw a lot of homes in our search and never pressured or tried to sell us on something that wasn’t a good fit. Every outing (and there were many over the course of a year and half) was handled professionally yet warmly.

Jeff Rothenberg

Barney Stein is hands down the best realtor we have ever worked with. Barney knows the Berkshire market very well, he worked hard and showed us many homes until we found the perfect one, and then advocated hard to get us the best deal. He is honest, responsive, friendly and became a friend through this process.

Edi Passais and Candace Currie

We love our new home and wouldn’t have found it without Barney. He knows and is friendly with everyone who is anyone in Berkshire real estate. This was important for us because the house we wanted was already under contract when we started looking. Barney’s connection with the seller’s realtor put us next on the list when the first deal fell through. Plus, Barney listened to us and respected our unique needs. There was no pressure to put a bid on houses that weren’t right. We are so grateful to Barney for the pleasant and positive experience we had finding our new home.

Randi and David Hoyt

Barney is the best!! He really listened to what we were looking for and didn’t waste our time with properties that didn’t fit our needs. He had great ideas/suggestions. He also has great connections and was able to get us first looks at new listings. He was totally committed to finding the right home for our family. He made the process very enjoyable and it was a pleasure to house hunt with him. He did not pressure, yet always kept us up to date on the market. He is also a very nice guy, patient and was great with our whole family.


David Sheehan and Keith Garton
David Sheehan and Keith Garton

We worked with Barney on the simultaneous sale of our home and purchase of our next home. He took the time to understand our objectives with the move, how we want to live and what was important to us in our next home.

With the sale, his expertise in pricing and the local market resulted in three cash offers in less than a week—without underpricing.

With our purchase, he looked beneath our initial first impressions/rejections and encouraged us to think a little differently. The result is a home we love that is perfect for our needs.

We have already recommended Barney several times and will most definitely work with him on our next transaction.

Isabelle Foster

Very helpful, professional, and compassionate. Barney sold our home quickly and efficiently. Selling a home is a challenging process, and Barney is with you the entire way through.

James Warwick

Barney is a decent man…decency not being a quality overly apparent in real estate I have found. He is straightforward, informative, knowledgeable, insightful, supportive and most importantly, exhibits a personal and professional integrity that is extraordinary. Without question…the best realtor I’ve ever known. Thank you Barney.

Natalie Shiras

I had a very positive experience with Barney, my realtor. From staging the house to the final negotiations, he was on top of each detail. He is personable, efficient, diligent, and skilled in the real estate profession. He assured me all along the way that the house would be sold in a reasonable amount of time, and it was! I recommend highly Barney. Thank you, Barney!

Lois Cooper

My home was a difficult sell. It had been on the market for three years, when I noticed how Barney was marketing another home in my community. I decided I had nothing to lose. Barney was forthright and honest and never lost sight of the task at hand. Miraculously there was a buyer within a few months. Through punishing negotiations, Barney never lost his sense of humor nor his persistence to get the deal done. He was always available to discuss strategy, was well connected to local resources to help me finalize the deal, and was a pleasure to do business with him.

Devarshi Steven Hartman

I used Barney when I was looking for my dream home in 2009, and found it. He was patient, kind, fun and knowledgable. He helped me get educated and realistic. He made the process enjoyable.

I also used Barney for the sale of my home in 2014. It sold in ONE day—in MID February, when things are NOT supposed to be selling, and in a “depressed” market. We were both thrilled and I consider that part of his magic! All you have to do is meet him. I would send anyone looking for a home in the Berkshires to him.

Marion & Geoffrey Moss

Barney Stein is fabulous, a treasure–THE BEST! Up beat and knowledgeable, Barney was the perfect professional to represent our home. After disappointments with previous listing agents, he brought a buyer almost immediately. We treasured our home. Barney, with architecture and interior design credentials, recognized its charm and historical attributes. Barney navigated us through the entire selling process. Considering major repairs were required before closing. He gave us a punch list and time line. He suggested additional contractors who showed up on time with fair estimates. Barney coached us to the “finish line” when we lagged. His professionalism tempered with humor made a difficult process successful. We love Barney. We plan to name our next English Springer Spaniel after Barney Stein!

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